A list of my (current) favorite books!

If you have any book recommendations for me, please have a low bar for reaching out – I’m always looking for new things to read!


A wonderful book on the merits of curiosity and lifelong learning (and how to encourage these)!
A fascinating, somewhat autobiographical book on a vast range of topics from creativity to neuroscience to education, written by Howard Gardner.
A book that makes you think about the concept of "average" and the many ways in which it is an unfitting standard.
The story of two unique siblings who took an interest in understanding the world through philosophy and mathematics.
The memoir of the MIT professor Sherry Turkle; a very unique life story that makes for a great read!
A graphic novel (!) on Bertrand Russell's pursuit of truth in mathematics and philosophy. Best thing I've read in years.


Great story about regrets and alternative life trajectories!
A unique fantasy trilogy about (humorous) demons and their interactions with humans.