Hi there! I'm Adani :)



Thanks for stopping by! I’m a Ph.D. student at Stanford University, where I’m advised by the wonderful Prof. Hyo Gweon! I’m broadly interested in Cognitive Science, particularly in how humans make sense of the physical world and how they make sense of themselves as agents within that world.

What guides our reasoning about which actions we are and could be capable of taking in the world? How do we explain action outcomes that deviate from what we expected? How do we integrate information from other people and the results of our own maneuvers to reason about our capabilities? How does that relate to patterns in our exploration and choices in learning? I’m excited about tackling questions like these using a range of methods, particularly behavioral experiments and computational models!

I was born and raised in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and spent some time teaching in special education and working in childcare. I also used to spend a lot of hours playing video games. I then completed college in Zurich and Berlin and went on to study and do research in Munich and Cambridge (MA, USA). Nowadays, outside of research, I like to hike/wander around and photograph my surroundings, read and write, and dabble in small web design / information curation projects (like this website!)


Mar 14, 2024 For my very first episode on the Stanford Psychology Podcast, I got to chat with the amazing Halie Olson – you can listen to our conversation here! We talk about Halie’s intriguing work in developmental cognitive neuroscience, her journey into science, and more. Thank you, Halie!
Feb 10, 2024 I’ll be attending the CDS 2024 Conference in Pasadena, CA, to give a poster presentation on some recent work (see here for details)! Hope to see you there :)
Aug 8, 2023 I’ve submitted my master’s thesis, and with this, my time in Cambridge, MA, has come to an end! Thank you to the amazing Bonawitz CoCoDev Lab at Harvard University for the great time that was the past six months :)
Mar 9, 2023 I’m delighted to have been awarded the Stanford EDGE Fellowship in support of my graduate studies and research!
Sep 29, 2022 I’ve compiled a list of links to helpful resources for the Ph.D. application process written by kind faculty and Ph.D. students; see here. Best of luck to everyone applying!