Hi there! I'm Adani :)



I’m a first-year Ph.D. student at Stanford University, where I’m advised by the wonderful Prof. Hyowon Gweon! Until recently, I was a visiting research scholar in the Bonawitz CoCoDev Lab at Harvard University and a master’s student at LMU Munich, Germany. I was born and raised in the German-speaking part of Switzerland and completed college there.

I’m interested in (modeling) children’s developing minds, particularly the processes and cognitive mechanisms by which they construct an understanding of the physical world around them, and a conception of themselves as agents in that world. You can see (some of) my past and current projects here.

In my past life, I spent almost all my hours playing video games. Nowadays, I like to hike/wander around and photograph my surroundings, read and write, and dabble in small web design / information curation projects (such as this website). I’m also always looking to learn more about philosophy, statistical modeling & graphics, and science communication! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you share any of these interests!


Sep 16, 2023 I’ve finally arrived in Stanford, CA! If you’re in the area and up for a chat, send me a message :)
Aug 8, 2023 I’ve submitted my master’s thesis, and with this, my time in Cambridge, MA, has come to an end! Thank you to the amazing Bonawitz CoCoDev Lab at Harvard University for the great time that was the past six months :)
May 19, 2023 I attended the Computational Cognitive Models of Learning and Development Workshop at Harvard University between May 15–19!
Jan 4, 2023 I attended my first in-person conference, the Budapest CEU Conference on Cognitive Development (BCCCD)! I gave a poster presentation there; you can view the poster here.
Sep 29, 2022 I’ve compiled a list of links to helpful resources for the Ph.D. application process written by kind faculty and Ph.D. students; see here. Best of luck to everyone applying!
Sep 9, 2022 I attended the International Interdisciplinary Computational Cognitive Science Summer School (IICCSSS) in Tübingen!