Last updated: Jul 19, 2024. Design inspired by many!

Hi! I'm Adani :)

I’m a Cognitive Science Ph.D. student and researcher at Stanford University, where I’m advised by the wonderful Hyo Gweon! I also collaborate with the Bonawitz Computational Cognitive Development Lab at Harvard University.

Broadly, I’m interested in how people build an understanding of the world around them—its physical laws, entities, and social agents—and how people make sense of themselves and their "interventive power" as agents within that world. I’m excited about tackling questions in this space using various methods, particularly behavioral experiments and computational modeling! You can read more about my work here!

I was born and raised in a small town bordering between the German- and French-speaking parts of Switzerland and spent most of my childhood years playing video games. After high school, I worked for the Swiss government, did some teaching in special ed, and helped infants, toddlers, and kids have a fun(-ish?) time in preschool. I then went on to study and do research at ZHAW, ETH Zurich, HU Berlin, LMU Munich, TU Munich, and Harvard (I enjoy moving around!)

Outside of research, I like to read and write, hike / wander around, photograph my surroundings, and dabble in small web design / information curation projects (like this website!) I also enjoy winter sports (skiing & ice skating) and drawing (badly), and I try my best to log the many shows and movies I enjoy(ed) watching :)


07/19/2024 I'll be attending the CogSci conference this coming week (July 24-27)! If you're there too and would like to chat, don't hesitate to reach out!
05/19/2024 Our pre-print Estimating the replicability of psychology experiments after an initial failure to replicate, spearheaded by Veronica Boyce, was just published on PsyArXiv! You can view it here!
05/09/2024 I was a co-organizer of this year’s Bay Area Developmental Symposium at Stanford University! Thank you to everyone who attended!
03/23/2024 I attended the CDS 2024 Conference in Pasadena, CA, to give a poster presentation on some recent work (see here for details)!
03/14/2024 For my very first episode on the Stanford Psychology Podcast, I got to chat with the amazing Halie Olson – you can listen to our conversation here! We talk about Halie’s intriguing work in developmental cognitive neuroscience, her journey into science, and more. Thank you, Halie!