Weekly Paper Reviews

About Paper a Week

A message from Eshed Margalit, the creator of the app:

Paper a Week began as an experiment in accountability, hosted on my personal website. The goal is simple: Build a literature-reading habit by writing a structured review of one paper per week. Reviews can be searched, sorted, and shared with others. Thank you for using Paper a Week, I hope it helps you!

If you have suggestions or run into problems, please send me an email at eshed [dot] margalit [at] gmail [dot] com

Happy reviewing!


My Paper a Week Profile

Unfortunately, I haven't yet found a good way to embed the profile on my own website, so click the button below to view my public Paper a Week profile on paperaweek.com. If you're only curious about what the profile looks like but don't feel like leaving my awesome website, check out the screenshot further below.

This amazing app was created by Eshed Margalit, all credit to him! If you're interested in creating a profile for yourself, you can simply sign up on this website by using your Google account –– and no, this is not sponsored or anything, I simply think the tool is awesome :-)