Useful Resources & Tips

More coming soon!

Among other things, future content on this page may include:

  • A guide and tips for Swiss students that aim to apply to Master's programmes abroad. I'm currently in the application process myself, and this is especially important to me as I struggled to find good resources on this

  • A list of websites (e.g. online courses), blogs, YouTube channels, scientific journals and other content that I find to be of high quality and useful

  • Apps and programs that I find useful for studying, notetaking, content curation, journaling, etc.

  • ...

Study Helpers

The STIC Framework

The STIC framework is mostly based on spaced repetition (the most effective way to study according to empirical research) with a few neat additions such as interleaving. I've been using it myself and definitely improved my knowledge retention this way. You can read an extensive guide and explanation of everything on Ali Abdaal's website. He also made many videos on the topic.

Playlists for Studying and Work

One of my playlists that I use for immersion and study motivation:

Rain/White Noise Generator

If you like having white noise or rain sounds in the background while studying, there's this great webpage for that!