My Personal Interests and Projects

I spend most of my free time on reading (especially fantasy books!), writing, playing video games and chess, exercising, working on my math as well as drawing skills, and last but not least, listening to lengthy, informative podcasts such as Lex Fridman's (which is my favorite).

As you can probably tell by now, two things I especially enjoy are researching and content curation, which led me to build a so-called second brain (which is just a fancy term for keeping knowledge and data digitally) in Notion and Roam Research. The knowledge I collect this way is also often the basis for my Weekly Writings.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you'll find links to some of the "second brain content" I thought might be interesting to others!

I also enjoy webdesign and coding from time to time. Many years ago, I acquired basic CSS and HTML knowledge and am currently picking up JavaScript. I'm also trying to learn more about how serious/educational games are programmed and built, which is why I currently spend some of my time on Python and Unity. I also strive to become better at data visualization, for which I'm trying to figure out RStudio better. Some related coding projects of mine will be released on my GitHub in the near future!

Portrait of me


Weekly Writings

These are usually released on Medium, but you can also find the entire collection of my writings on here! Topics range from Educational Technology to Psychology to Architecture and History.

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Weekly Paper Reviews

I review one scientific paper per week, mostly from the fields of Cognitive Science, Psychology, Education and Computer Science. These reviews are open to the public released randomly throughout each week.

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Useful Resources & Tips

A collection of resources (e.g. websites, apps or guides) and tips that were useful to me, and thus hopefully also useful to others. Most of the content on this page is still in the works.

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YouTube Channel

I recently launched a YouTube channel and aim to create illustrative, educational videos on various topics ranging from behavioral sciences to programming and productivity to upload on there. First release is coming soon, stay tuned!

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