Personal Resources

This is a collection of resources I have personally developed and curated over the years.

If you happen to find any of this useful and/or would like to chat about it, I’d of course be delighted to hear from you!

Resources on (Intellectual) Giftedness

My “database” of information on intellectual giftedness (Hochbegabung in German) – I first started looking into this concept when I wrote a literature review on giftedness and academic achievement in my undergrad. As I noticed that it’s rather hard to make sense of the research literature and the many differing definitions, I thought it would be worthwhile to try and make the information more accessible and comprehensible for others by building a structured resource collection. As I’m from the German-speaking part of Switzerland, the said database also includes relevant information in German.

For the sake of accessibility, I store this information on an external page – you can either click here or click on the image below to access it.

Resources for People interested in pursuing a PhD

I recently started building a resource collection all around pursuing a PhD. Since I myself study Psychology in Europe, that is what the information is primarily centered around (if you’re a US student reading this, I’m sorry…). However, it does contain a few parts that apply to the general population of students (e.g., what does one do in a PhD, and where to look for relevant positions?).

Click here or on the image below!