Full Overview of Writings

What I write about and why

These weekly writings are all about learning broadly while pushing the boundaries of my knowledge and writing skills: I dive into a topic of choice, look for relevant research, read the research, think about the findings in my own words, and then publicly share what I found out.

By going with a different topic or question every time, I get to look into various fields and encounter many different perspectives on things that are of broader interest (e.g. education or artificial intelligence).

Common threads in what interests me certainly are technology and deconstructing human behaviour, which is why I often draw information from research in STEM (esp. AI), Psychology, Cognitive Science and Educational/Learning Sciences. My "success" in writing about and communicating what I found out often depends on how tangible the literature on the topic is, which varies heavily between fields (looking at you, Neuroscience!).

This is also partly the reason why I took up an interest in science communication, aiming to make scientific literature more understandable and accessible for everybody, including myself.

I do sometimes also just write about rather random things like books, articles or podcasts I find interesting.

If you happen to read one of my articles, feel free to leave a comment or send me an Email/message with your thoughts, I'm always happy to hear about other people's perspectives! You can find my contact info in the menu bar.